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About Me

Hi! I'm April and yes, I was born in April :) mom of two and married to my best friend. I love so many things in this beautiful life, but a few make my top five...


Making People Smile

Chocolate Covered Ju Jubes

My family and pets




I have always loved photography, taking pictures and reminiscing while looking at old photo albums. I remember whenever we would visit family, the first thing I would do is dig out the photo albums and then sit down and spend hours revelling in the way things were, laughing at funny moments, (hair dos and outfits mostly), and crying at those no longer with us, but who are immortalized in a photograph. There is something about the way a photograph in some ways is like a puzzle piece that completes the larger picture of our lives.

My ultimate goal is to capture real personality to show the heart and soul of your family in photographs that you will not only treasure, but photographs that will tell your stories long after we are gone.

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Waubaushene, Ontario Canada

Tel: 705-730-3139

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